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“One important key to success is self confidence. An important key to self confidence is preparation”. - Arthur Ashe

Social Project Management Course

This social project management courses specifically looks at technical interaction between team members and the skills needed at different stages to successfully run and conclude a project, this course trains participants to increase their expertise in social project management and enterprise 2.0.
Each project is a temporary social system where people gather to work together toward a common goal.

The key to successful project management is to understand better how to operate a temporary social collaborative team and the required technical aspect of each member of the team.

We have designed this course in a modular format for convenience of those who would wish to focus on a particular aspect of this interesting subject or if you prefer the modules can be run one after the other or are flexible to be divided over a period of time


Course Content

Module 0  (2-3h)             Systemic analysis (holistic,

Analysis of business priorities
Analysis of existing project management methods
Project classification
Analysis of level of excellence in project management
Analysis of IT needs
Planning Acts
Planning workflow

Module 1   (3h) Introduction & Definitions Background

Introduction to the method (basic concepts)
Informatics training integrated in the practice training (basic functions of Communigram)
Role of project manager

Module 2  (3h) Definition of the Objective & Project structure Objective

Choosing the type of project
Project model selection and adaptation
Milestones and checklists
Choice of project manager
Phases and structuring inside phases

Module 3   (3h)        Planning methodology
The 5 W of Communication
Best practice of producing deliverable
Initial decentralized planning (including sub-projects planning, inputs, schedule)

Module 4 (2h) Project Implementation Methodology

Mastering Communication between project members
Establishment of Bilateral Control - Project monitoring

Module 5   (2-3h) Tracking - Living Planning

Crisis Management
Trigger management
Scenario analysis
Scenario planning
Task Characterization and processing according to risk

Module 6   (2-3h) Human resource management and motivation

Job Descriptions:
- Project Manager
- Head of subproject
- Project Support Office / PMO
- Contributor
Performance Evaluation

Module 7   (2h) Experience Management

Lean Improvement

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Social Project Management

Target Audience

This course is relevant for anyone involved in projects from beginners to intermediate level and those who want to be able to understand the importance ensuring correct and proper human involvement in project management


Good level of the course language. Attendance is limited to 6 participants in order to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.
• Trainer presentation and facilitation
• Group discussion
• Practice sessions


Can be adapted to suit the number of modules required


French or English