Green Training

“The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Environmental and Sustainability

This course has been designed to introduce how and what are the advantages for your organisation in implementing Green Policies.

GTS has teamed with AAD ( Agir Anticiper Durablement )  a leading quality, environmental, health and safety consulting company in Luxembourg to ensure that this course offers you the best, current and most advantageous techniques and information.

Course Objective

By attending this course and by implementing the green techniques not only will you be helping our planet for our children but also having a positive effect on your bottom line the course will also help you to provide:

  • A clear environmental strategy that will not only boost your revenue but answer concretely to the current demand on environmental responsibility
  • Establish a link between Human Resources and Environment (CSR) strategies
  • Insure a long-term planning
  • Boost staff motivation and innovative spirit by getting involvement in environmental project
  • Reduce overall bills: electricity, paper...
  • Increase your visibility and present an image of responsible and ethical business practices


Course Content

Like all our courses our programme can be adapted to suit your organizational specific needs.
Below are the essential topics that we would select from to develop your course:

Understand the essential principles of environmental sustainability

  • What are the advantages of implementing such principles within your enterprise?
  • What are the current and new environmental legislation in Luxembourg?
  • How does one start an environmental corporate strategy that is cost effective and efficient?

How can one respond to the environmental “demand”?

  • Analysis of objective.
  • Audit energy, water and other raw materials consumptions
  • Develop realistic plans to gain financial and environmental benefits for your firm.
  • Understand the role of employees in the improvement of the business
  • Sustainability and how to encourage them to get involved

Run an environmental analysis within the enterprise

  • Definition of a methodology
  • Define priorities/costs/benefits within an environmental action plan
  • Practicalities and tools models
  • Define performance indicators to measure successful implementation


First part of the day: presentation of theoretical and legal aspects

Second part of the day: interactive session with experience sharing, examples and round tables with exercises (practical implementation)

  • Encourage best practices exchanges  
  • A pragmatic approach to green training with examples of success stories
Environmental and Sustainability Course

Target Audience

Human Resources Managers, Financial managers, financial controllers or anyone has the interest of this issue or involved in strategy planning.


Good level of the course language. Number of partcipants 6-8  in order to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.


One day


French or English