Financial Fundamental

“The best angle from which to approach any financial problem is the try-angle.” Anonymous

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Increasingly due to economic pressures more and more people not are being called upon to be accountable for the financial performance and budgeting of their teams or departments. This course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of finance and accounting. Each programme is flexible and can be customised to your business needs and if need be can also be adapted to use your business information statements if required.

Target Audience

Any person wishing to acquire an understanding of the contents, relevance and uses of the business balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow forecast for use in either their business or personal life.

Course Objective

  • An introduction to fundamental financial accounting and budgeting. 
  • Be able to read and understand key financial statements: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and Cash Flow Statement.
  • Be able to prepare the above basic key statements.
  • Understand and interpret key financial information.
  • Know the basic types of business structures.

Course Content

  • The role of Finance and its impact on the nature of Business
  • Key Financial Statements
  • Understanding  what they really mean
  • How to prepare basic Financial Statements
  • Financial terms and expressions
  • Analysing Typical financial ratios, Working capital Cash flows , and  Forecasts
  • Understanding the concept and use of Budgets and Management Information


  • Trainer presentation
  • Group exercises 
  • Discussions
  • Use of case studies

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers


Good level of the course language. Attendance is limited to 6-8 participants per course cycle.


Two days but can be adapted to one day.


English, also available in French or German with sufficient advance notice.