“We must become the change we want to see.”
Mahatma Gandhi

What is Coaching ?

Coaching is defined a one-to-one relationship in which one individual “the coach” supports another individual to identify, focus on, and achieve what is important to that particular person. This process and idea has over the years been developed to include not only individuals but whole teams.

At Global Training Solutions we have teamed with professional qualified coaches to develop Programmes that really work either for the individual Life style or Professional Career and Organisational requirements.

Our Coaching Solutions assist individuals and teams through innovative programmes so whether your need is personal or professional our team of coaches can help you to discover how to live your life, or facilitate the change of direction you may be considering if you are at a career impasse.

Our hands on Business and life Style Coaching Solutions are developed and designed  by first understanding your needs through a series of conversations, in which our coaches will help you to explore your personal and professional vision and goals, your current situation and the changes you want to make, and the actions required by you to make those changes. In the process helping you to gain from these experiences and learning from these actions. 

Respect and Confidentiality and Inspiration are the core principles that we believe in and it is these principles that have made our coaching solutions both successful and very much in demand.

Coaching works best not when it is imposed or as a last ditch attempt to enforce acceptance but when the individual or team wants and is ready to be coached
So if you are ready to introduce solid and lasting change into your professional or personal life, why not contact us and find out how Global Training Solutions could help you make the changes that will lead to greater success and happiness.