About us

Global Training Solutions is a vibrant, progressive, hands on  training solution company set in the heart of Europe and located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  Our comprehensive portfolio of training services is flexible to meet the needs of both privately financed and corporate clients. We work with a range of national and international customers in Luxembourg and across the borders of the surronding countries.

GTS philosophy is flexibility, which has enabled Global Training Solutions to create courses tailored to individual and corporate needs.  It is this responsibility to the training requirements  of our clients that has set us apart from the competition.

We deliver our solutions on an in-company, or open course basis either at your location, a third party venue or at our own offices.

If you’d like to talk through your training needs, leadership training or management training needs in more detail, please contact: info@gts.lu

Unlike most training companies, we adapt all of our courses to meet the individual needs of your company. After discussing your requirements we can suggest not only the training solutions or best training methods but also we get a better understanding of  your personal expectations and needs, your company requirements and also your employees can acquire common work practices.

We have found this  method to best for producing positive results ,and for getting the best out of your employees, as we can adapt our training to make it more relevant to your staff and the environment that they work in.

Not only are our trainers fully trained and up to date in all aspects of their training roles, but they are all experienced in the target skills and mother tongue in the required course language, they all have their own unique style of teaching, all of which have proved very successful in their training roles. Our trainers  and associates are highly professional, yet  friendly and approachable, and make every effort to make your courses the best experience possible.


Global Training Solutions is approved by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education and a member of the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Network.